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Who We Are


Prosectra provides specialized security training, security consultancy and software development internationally within the public, private and humanitarian sectors.

Prosectra has extensive experience working with international organizations operating in high-risk environments and is currently working with several United Nations agencies, INGO’s and the European Union. Prosectra has delivered training solutions to International Organizations throughout 5 Continents.

Prosectra was established in 2009 and since then we have been delivering security training and services at the highest level. To see our full range of in-person training courses please visit

Our honesty, integrity and professionalism along with our broad expertise and technical training is combined to offer you top quality, up to date urban or field environment ready safety and security services. The world’s security situation is continuously shifting and requires safety solutions that are consistent with these changes.

  • Expert Instruction
  • Cost Effective
  • Remote Learning
  • Highly Engaging


Our content is developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading humanitarian security experts including: PhD graduates, people with expertise in Emergency Management and Planning, security awareness and personal protection experts, security training specialists, hostage negotiators and counter-terrorism experts. All course content is drawn from academic research, interviews with victims, real-life experiences and publications.

Prosectra eLearning courses are self-paced, highly interactive, with simulations and quizzes to equip staff with practical skills to increase their safety in difficult and complex locations.

Go at your own pace


We understand if you would rather have your own organization specific courses. Prosectra can design and develop your organization’s content to specifically address your safety and security concerns. We have a team of highly professional eLearning development experts on hand that can tailor eLearning courses to your organization’s needs and reinforce your Duty of Care towards your employees.