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Security for Women – Understand the Threat


Course Description

We all build "Models of Violence", that is, beliefs about the way in which various types of violent attacks occur, whether they are muggings, domestic abuse or sexual assaults. Our models are normally based on media reports from the newspaper and TV, advice we've been given, stories we've been told, our own experiences and that of our friends. We often use these models, to reinforce a view of the world that allows us to feel safe and comfortable e.g. that sexual assaults occur in remote and deserted places and are committed by complete strangers, rather than by people we know and in places where we are meant to feel safe.

This course will focus on understanding the sexual predator and the process the offender goes through before an attack.

  • Price$79
  • InstructorRobert Goris
  • Modules1
  • Final TestYes
  • Downloadable ResourcesNo
  • External LinksNo
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Participation Time80min