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Cyber-attacks and incidents are a global pandemic threatening individuals, enterprises, organizations and our civil societies large and small. The rise in ransomware and cyber-based extortion incidents places everyone at risk. In an instant, an attack on the opposite side of the planet can have critical mission-halting impacts. If the worst happens, and an organization is facing critical decisions and potential extinction events from an attack on its digital systems, do the responsible responders and managers know their role and how to support the recovery process? The question is: Are we prepared? Are we ready?

The Cybersecurity Incident Response Programme (CIRP™) is a blended learning programme developing individual and organizational capabilities to manage cybersecurity incidents.

CIRP™ shares overviews of the modus operandi of state-of-the-art attackers, and the latest preventative, preparative and responsive practices.

CIRP™ Phase I aims at creating knowledge and comprehension at knowledge and skills level II. CIRP™ Phase II and III, are aimed at bolstering application, analysis and evaluation competencies at skills level IV (independent combination of skills, integration of skills with precision), aimed at staff in an organization, tasked with responding to and managing cybersecurity incidents, through the assessment of case studies (Phase II) and simulations (Phase III).


Prosectra Ltd, one of the partners behind the CIRP™ Programme, is the Highfield Qualifications International Approved Centre and is responsible for presenting successful CIRP™ delegates to Highfield for validation of the Level 6 Cybersecurity Incident Responder CIR™ qualification, which is accredited by Highfield International, the international branch of Highfield Qualifications, a top 5 UK awarding organisation. Highfield accreditation has recognised the CIRP™ programme as being equivalent to a level 6, using the Ofqual’s Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) as a reference. Expected release: July 2022.


Timo der Weduwen is a graduate of Scotland Yard's international hostage negotiation program and a senior hostage negotiator for 24 years on the global stage. He has been responsible for the training of the United Nations hostage incident management and security management cadre, and aims at bolstering personal and organizational excellence through creating effective responses to crisis incidents. He remains active as a crisis responder in kidnap for ransom incidents.

K. Patrick Wheeler, P.E. is a cybersecurity expert, educator and practitioner originating from California’s Silicon Valley and San Francisco. He is responsible to protecting major portions of Europe’s financial infrastructure (clients include BNP Paribas Group, Euroclear, SWIFT and more) where he combats cybercrime, ensures payments security, anti-fraud, enterprise security architecture.


CIRP™ will be academically validated by a programme board, consisting of leading experts in the field of cybersecurity incident response management.