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Travel Security – Hotel Security Abroad


Course Description

So, you have arrived at your destination; your hotel. I am afraid it is not time to relax quite yet. The hotel is your “home away from home”, and it is therefore necessary to take the security of the hotel as seriously as you would in your own home. With more and more security measures implemented to protect traditional terrorist targets, such as airlines and embassies, hotels have now become more likely targets. This is especially true of luxury hotels belonging to large international chains. Hotels are “good targets” from a terrorist’s perspective as they will provide the potential for mass casualties and world-wide media coverage without the same level of risk involved as targeting an embassy. Now, terrorists are not what you normally have to worry about, but crime is. Any hotel could also be a hangout for criminals, prostitutes and con artists. The hotels will mostly work hard to prevent this, but some may even have staff that cooperates with these criminals.

This course will provide you with information on best practices when selecting and staying in a hotel abroad.

  • Price$69
  • InstructorRobert Goris
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  • LanguageEnglish
  • Participation Time60min