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Detecting Hostile Surveillance


Course Description

Random criminality exists everywhere in the world, and we can all be in the so-called ‘wrong place at the wrong time’. We may all become the random victim of a terrorist attack, or a street robbery, or a falling meteorite. This programme is not about that. This is about you mitigating your exposure and risk of being the target of those who want to harm you. You have been chosen, for some reason, to be robbed, kidnapped, extorted, blackmailed, or otherwise harmed.

This module is designed to provide a guide for mitigating risks to you, your premises, and your operations by understanding how an adversary may conduct surveillance operations against you.

  • Price$99
  • InstructorRobert Goris
  • Modules1
  • Final TestYes
  • Downloadable ResourcesYes
  • External LinksNo
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Participation Time90min