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Travel Security – Situational Awareness Abroad


Course Description

The desire to kick back and relax when you reach your destination can easily lead to letting your guard down, and a number of criminals rely on this. Every country has its own customs and culture that are important for you to get to know. Likewise, every country has its own specific crimes and hazards that are equally important, if not more so, to understand. The key is to prepare as thoroughly as possible for your journey. Perception matters, and not whether you actually have a lot of money. As a foreigner, you will often be perceived to be wealthy, especially compared to the local income level.

This course will present an overview and guide you on how to be mindful and aware of the foreign environment while enjoying your travels.

  • Price$69
  • InstructorRobert Goris
  • Modules1
  • Final TestYes
  • Downloadable ResourcesNo
  • External LinksNo
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Participation Time60min