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Surveillance is nothing more than an activity carried out to assess your vulnerabilities, and to determine which of those can be taken advantage of to obtain information or attack. Almost any crime is preceded by at least some form of surveillance.

The Prosectra Detecting Hostile Surveillance course is designed to provide a guide for mitigating risks to you, your premises, and your operations by understanding how an adversary may conduct surveillance operations against you. Expected release: March 2022.

The ability to detect hostile surveillance is a proactive security measure that shifts the modern threat paradigm by putting power, confidence, and response in the hands of a targeted individual.

Hostile surveillance detection is one of the few security techniques that pre-empts danger; you can detect that something is wrong before an attack takes place.


Planned hostile attacks, such as kidnappings, robberies, and workplace violence, require information to succeed. Surveillance Detection offers you a huge advantage because it:

  • Confirms or denies a potential threat
  • Provides an opportunity to deny the hostiles the information they require
  • Disrupts the attack during the planning phase


  • Explain how adversaries gather intelligence about their targets.
  • Be able to describe various surveillance detection and counter surveillance techniques.
  • Be able to analyze what hostile surveillance looks like and how to detect its presence.
  • Understand the Surveillance Stages.